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The Biggest Little Jaguar Concours


 Concour dPetit - Model  Collecting




The next monthly club meeting on Tuesday, November 14, will be a teaser to the annual JCCV Concours and Display Day with a Concours d’Petit event for members and their model cars. The event has been organised by one of our enthusiastic members Richard Bearup (photo above).

Richard has been collecting Jaguar models for many decades because he thought owning a full size Jaguar was most unlikely given that all he could afford at the time was a Morris Minor 1000. He points out that at least the Morris was the two-door sports version.

However years go by, situations change and eventually Richard became the very proud owner of his first full-size Jaguar.

Then the Jaguar disease ravaged him with a vengeance and sadly became incurable. Not only did Richard continue to acquire a succession of full-size Jaguars, he also continued to collect as many varied scale representations of every Jaguar produced by the factory. The 1/18 scale models are excellent to display as single pieces but with the constraints of space Richard focused on models of 1/43 scale or smaller. Most of these equate to 100mm in length or 4” in the old money.

Not satisfied, the disease entered its second phase and Richard branched out to the Jaguar racing versions and his collecting disease became very complicated.

Richard notes that as any collector knows, it is imperative to set a limit and restrict a collection in a fixed direction to keep it manageable. Never one to take his own advice Richard branched out again and decided to add the Jaguar-powered cars of specialist manufacturers such as Lister and HWM and even the privateers who built Jaguar-powered specials with company assistance.  

“Why should I not go to the other affiliated companies such as Daimler (obvious) and Guy trucks and buses and even Coventry Climax? There are even some nice slot cars to be had,” Richard explains.

“It was at this point that all logic and common sense seems to have abandoned me…”

Richard is now wondering what is to stop him from collecting the Jaguar factory prototypes and the design studio concept cars.

He has also managed to stockpile a sizeable number of limited run 1/43 resin and diecast kits to assemble (is he dreaming it will ever happen?) to fill some of the gaps and have continued to scratch build or adapt models of cars that are not available.

Yes he even has a Swallow sidecar is in his sights and has already sorted out a suitable scale model motorcycle to attach it to for display purposes.

Richard currently has more than two thousand scale-model Jaguars in his collection with nary a duplicate. HHH  opefully he shall get them all on display one day.

“I’ve already allocated the appropriate number of cabinets in what used to be a bedroom. Boy I’m glad the kids have flown the nest!  I will never own the full size vehicles or never even see many of them in real life but I can look at the three-dimensional versions on a glass shelf and admire the art, the design, the beauty and the heritage that is Jaguar.”

Members should be in for a treat if Richard brings just a sampling of his model collection to the Concours d’Petit.