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President's Report for August

Lyn and F-Pace 6


As I sit down to write my notes this month I reflect on just how fast this year is going.  The weeks roll into months so quickly and then it is time to put a few words together for my report once again.


I have now driven the F-Pace and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Berwick Jaguar loaned me a silver, 2 litre diesel F-Pace with a black interior (Lyn is pictured above with the F-Pace).  It may be interesting to drive one of the higher powered models to compare the performance.  Being a traditionalist, as far as a Jaguar is concerned, I missed the beautiful warm wood in the interior.


I found the car had good visibility and the ride was very comfortable. After some adjustment I stopped worrying when the motor turned off at the traffic lights. The instruments were very clear.  Overall it was easy to handle, very responsive and quickly reached the top speeds. I don’t think you would do the car justice by just daily city driving.  I believe it would be a great car for long drives in the country and for highway driving.  


There are many choices available when ordering the F-Pace new.  I thought it amazing everything happened with the key fob in the pocket of my jacket.  One quirky extra is the Activity Key.  A wristband to wear if you prefer not to carry a key fob - a great invention. 


The choices for exterior and interior are many and varied.  Exteriors such as Amonite Grey, Odyssey Red and Quartzite.  Interiors such as latte and expresso, jet with sand and light oyster with pistachio to name a few.  My personal choice would be the R-Sport in Italian Racing Red with the Jet/red with red interior.  Yes I can only but dream and perhaps in time one may come to reside in my garage.  Make sure you go and test drive one yourself. 

Back to club events and activities now.  I enjoyed our very successful New Members Day held at the clubrooms on Sunday 25 June.  Many new members had not been there before.  A big thank you to Ann Isaacs for organising a great day.


On 18 June we had a run to Phillip Island via Tooradin.  Members enjoyed the Tooradin Market Day at morning tea and lunch at Rusty Water Brewery Restaurant.  Thank you to Mike Daley for organising.


Renewals are now due.  If you have a car on Club Permit you should already have renewed.  It is a busy time for our Secretary, Membership Secretary and Treasurer as they process all the renewals. 


 The 2017 Concours Committee led by Phil Curtis has had their first meeting.  If you would like to help please contact Phil on the number listed in the Committee at the back of this magazine.


Welcome to all new members.  I look forward to catching up soon at a meeting or club event. 


Lyn Belcher