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PresidentBy Lyn Belcher;

2017 is off and running. I mean it - we are in the third month already! Time waits for no one so if you want to do something do it now. Decisions, decisions, will I get a blue one or a red one…just dreaming. The F-Pace will have to wait for a few more years. They are very nice though and receiving plenty of publicity Australia-wide.

Our February monthly meeting, the first for the year, began early with a barbecue to allow members to mingle and catch up. Thanks to David Lyon and Keith Mortimer for organising the food and cooking the barbecue. Thank you

for your donations, the money will be used for charity. It was encouraging to see so many members in attendance. I guess you must have missed “chewing the fat (or should I say the sausage) about all things Jaguar”.


Motoring events are also in full swing with many members attending the RACV Showcase at Mornington Racecourse. Our congratulations go to Bruce Elliott-Smith who achieved Best on the Ground and Best Modern Classic for his Jaguar 420G at the event. A very worthy recipient and I believe a very excited one too. Our Public Relations Officer Ann Isaacs is working with a team to improve the website. Changes hopefully will include an up-to-date calendar of events, easy access to items of interest and a fresh clean site that attracts new members.

I would like to thank Grant Piekacz (part of our new Social Team), John Mann, Brian Jasper and Allen Williams for supporting her. April Hissey, the youngest member of your committee is now co-ordinating the JCCV Facebook page, so watch that space. I am sure it will be very exciting and hopefully will attract new younger members to the club.

The guest speaker at the March monthly meeting will be J Mac Hulbert. Mac will give a talk about his historic car experiences at multiple venues around the world. It is indeed a privilege to have a man of his standing come and talk to our club. Full details elsewhere in CAT-A-LOG.

If you are a new member, welcome to our club. I hope to catch up with you soon at a meeting or outing. You will have received your name badge. This will have a red dot on it to signify you are new. It helps long standing members to identify and welcome you to our club.