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October 2018 President's Report
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 Lyn in XK8 with Jag 800x632



One year ends and another begins as has this club year. There have been positive changes, a rude awakening with the fire next door and so many interesting and varied activities and events for members to enjoy. As I reflect I also see and appreciate the work that some members have done and continue to do for their club.


To manage our club we have several committees:

The Club Management Committee made up of four directors and nine other members each with their specific role and responsibility. We meet monthly to ensure all aspects of our club including financials, membership and club events both social and sporting are managed efficiently and effectively.

The Clubrooms Management Committee often referred to as the CMC is made up of three members from our club and three from the Austin Healey Owners Club. Their role is to manage the rental agreements/income from the tenants, the costs associated with use and ownership of the clubrooms, purchasing of consumables and the maintenance and security of the building.  

The Concours Committee who plan and implement the premier event of the year – our Concours and Display Day. Each year they begin planning in about March meeting monthly at first and more frequently as the event nears. They spend the entire weekend of the event overseeing judging, setting up the site, managing the day and finally cleaning up and returning equipment to the clubrooms.

This year we also have the 50th Jaguar National Rally Committee working together to plan the event that we are hosting next year. There are nine events to plan and implement for the four-day period. More than 250 registrants from Jaguar clubs across Australia are expected to participate.



As well as the above committees there are two groups who work behind the scenes that we could not manage without. The Club Permit Officers and the CAT-A-LOG packing team.


The Club Permit Scheme now has over 500 vehicles to manage. Each new application must to be checked to ensure they meet all requirements, copied for our records and returned to the member to take to Vicroads. Renewals are constant and need to be checked, signed and returned to their owners. Two members manage most of the administration.


The CAT-A-LOG packing team meets every month to package, seal and deliver more than 1000 magazines to the local post office for distribution. Our CAT-A-LOG is our voice and it is vital to keep our members, advertisers and sponsors informed of club activities and events.



Add Country and Metro Register Secretaries and Coordinators to the above and you will understand how vital it is to have member involvement in our club.



I thank each and every member involved in the tasks listed above for giving their time in the 2017/2018 club year. Your contribution is invaluable.


If you are not involved please consider offering to help in the coming year in some way. We need you to help your club grow and go into the future driven by positive member involvement. One with a membership that says proudly “I belong to the Jaguar Car Club of Victoria and it’s a great club.”