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Mk X, 420G, S-Type and 420 The 1961
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class g mk x 420g s-type and 420The 1961 Mark X is one of the biggest cars (1900kg) produced by Jaguar. At the time it was also the most sophisticated, bringing a host of new developments. The refinements included unitary body construction, fully independent suspension, disc brakes and a three-carburettor, 3.8 litre E-Type engine (265bhp) to drive this big cat, described by Road and Track as a true high performance sports sedan with a luxurious and spacious interior. The strong, rigid body shell housed let-down picnic tables for the back seat passengers and a full length mirror. Several limousines were built; one used by Sir William Lyons found its way to Australia. In those cars the front seats were 'fixed' due to a dividing privacy window between driver and passengers.

The 3.8 litre engine used originally was upgraded in 1964 to 4.2 litre (still with claimed 265bhp). Many other improvements were also included and genuine air conditioning was an option while the Varamatic power steering box and a much improved braking system were standard items.

In 1966 the Mark X was re-labelled 420G. Any changes were superficial or of a minor nature but extended its life until 1970. The last two years of production were a stop gap measure until build numbers of the new XJ6 reached necessary levels. In 1963 the S-Type was launched with either a 3.4 or a 3.8 litre engine used throughout the production run – 1963-1968.

Production numbers of the Mark X and S-Types were almost identical, just over 25,000 each. The S-Type was built as an intermediate size car between the Mark X and the Mark 2. The S-Type shared many of the same parts and components but the degrees of difference were many. The new independent rear suspension with in-board disc brakes necessitated a completely new frame work that closely resembled its larger cousin the Mark X. At the front the engine and front suspension were basically the same for the S-Type and Mark 2. Although the body shape was similar, no panels were interchangeable.

The 420 came on the market in October 1966 and production ceased in 1968 when the XJ6 was born. The 420 had a 4.2 litre engine and was derived from the S-Type as an upmarket luxury medium-sized car with sports car performance. The 420 was certainly better engineered than the S-Type with Mark X-like appearance and having fittings and equipment normally seen in much more expensive brands.