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Mark IV and Mark V, 1945 to 1951
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class c mark iv mark vIn 1945 car production recommenced accompanied by a new company name, Jaguar Cars Ltd. Lyons’ highest priority was to increase production quickly, so car manufacture recommenced where it had left off in 1940, building cars that were no different to the pre-war models apart from some necessary re-badging and cars being available in left hand drive. The SS100 and the 1.5-litre drophead coupe were deleted from the range. These post-war models were not given a distinct model name, however a label of Mark V was assigned to new models released in 1948, so an immediate post-war model is now, retrospectively, labelled a Mark IV.  

For the Mark V, the six-cylinder engines and gearboxes were about the only items retained from the previous model, the Mark IV. Major mechanical changes included torsion bar independent front suspension, hydraulic brakes, disc wheels to replace the spoked wheels and a totally redesigned chassis with cruciform bracing and chassis rails sweeping over the rear axle. The Mark V range consisted of saloons and drophead coupes in the two six-cylinder engine sizes.