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June Presidents Report
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May was another month of outing and events for us to participate in and

enjoy. You will find reports on most in this magazine. Thanks once again to the

members who took the time to organise them for the club.


The Florence Thomson Tour, restricted to lady drivers, was on the 30 April

and I was fortunate to participate. My wheels were on loan (John Buncle’s

immaculate XJC) because all vehicles had to be 25 years or older. A privilege to

be trusted with his “Pride and Joy”. The XJC is a pleasure to drive especially on

the open road and with triple carburettors it has plenty of power.


Pictured with me here is my tour navigator Ann Isaacs. What a great job she

did promoting our club to other participants and getting interesting tales

about their cars and motoring experiences. The event was very well organised

and our congratulations go to Daryl Meek, RACV Motoring Interests Manager

and Rebecca Howl RACV Public Affairs. You will find a report and pictures on

pages 8 and 9.


We are very proud of the amazing variety of Jaguar models owned by our

members. Among them are many of the show stopping models produced by

Jaguar in past years. It seems Jaguar are still stopping shows with the most

recent world-beating new car, the F-Pace, which has just won awards from

international juries of the ‘World Car of the Year’ and the ‘World Car Design’.

After reading so much about the F-Pace I thought I had better find out for

myself what it is like to drive. Next month I will report on my experience as I

have arranged for a test drive.


Our passion is Jaguar and to be enthusiasts of a marque still being produced

is such a bonus. According to a report in Edition 186 of Jaguar Magazine the

I-Pace concept is on the road. “The I-Pace looks set to deliver clever packaging

and its most airy cabin. With 350 deposits taken, and an anticipated 60,000

pound price tag undercutting the cheapest Tesla Model S, the I-Pace is set to

be a hit”. The future of Jaguar looks very exciting.


I am pleased to announce we have two new teams taking care of the CAT-A-
LOG Production and Club Merchandise. Brian Jasper is our new Editor working

with John Fowler and Ferenc Matzken. Mark Edwards, Jon Beck and Ray Parker

will make up the Merchandise team. Thanks to them Lynda and Peter can now

enjoy a well earned rest.


June has some great events planned so make sure you check the club calendar.

Welcome to all new members who have recently joined our club. I look

forward to meeting you soon.