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April 2019 President's Report
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It has been a busy year so far with lots of interesting events for us to showcase our Jaguars. The enthusiasm for this was evident by the 80 plus members who displayed their cars at the British and European Car Show held on 24 February at Yarra Glen.


There were many other marques to admire and interesting car enthusiasts to chat too. The MG Car Clubs display was excellent. They hold their Concours at the event. Lovely to see so many beautiful MG’s in one place making an excellent display.


The area assigned to our club is called the Birdcage! Sandie Ciracovic pointed out there could be trouble with so many “cats” in the Birdcage. But there was no need for concern – our “cats” were very well behaved not a loose feather in sight. We all had a very enjoyable day spent chatting and picnicking under the shady trees.


It was also an opportunity to showcase the new club marquee. The arrival has been long awaited due to difficulty in obtaining graphics big enough to reproduce in large format. But as the saying goes everything comes to those who wait. The marquee looked amazing and we could easily be seen from a distance. This will be a great marketing tool for our club. Two matching teardrop banners with our club logo on have been ordered to match the marquee.


By the time you read this the 50th Jaguar National Rally hosted by our club will be over for most of us. Some members will be still enjoying the Post Rally Tour through the Yarrawonga, Shepparton and Echuca regions. A big thank you must go to the organising committee for their contribution over the past 2 years. Coordinating a National Rally is a huge commitment by a small team of dedicated members.


You may remember a few years ago a young couple came to a monthly meeting to showcase their “Shitbox”. They had entered an old Jaguar in the annual “Shitbox Rally” that travels from Melbourne to Townsville via Birdsville.



This year two longstanding members Bob and Judy McGrath from the Goulburn Valley Register have entered another $1000 Jaguar Shitbox aptly named Kitty Litter. Now that they are confident their Jaguar is sure to make the distance they are seeking donations to the cause. Geelong Register member Julie Holbery has written a report on their planned adventure and you can read it elsewhere in this issue.


Each entrants target is to raise $5000. I am sure all of you would like to support the cause with donations going to cancer research. You can donate by going to Google and entering kitty litter – shitbox rally – open the link and follow the prompts to make your donation. It is a very worthy cause.


Julian Barrett from S&G Barrett is our guest speaker at our April monthly meeting. We will have several E-Types on display to add to the evening. I will look forward to seeing you there.