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We've Come A Long Way
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The year was 1962 Dawn Fraser broke the minute barrier for 100m freestyle,  NASA's Mariner 2 becomes the first spacecraft to fly by Venus, Lawrence of Arabia was voted the movie of the year and a dozen Jaguar owners got together and founded what is now the oldest Jaguar Club in Australia. The club had its inaugural meeting in a flat in Prahran where the first office bearers were elected. These were Ian Harvie (President), Jack Whitehead (VP), Ian Cliff (Treasurer) and Ron Hann (Secretary/Editor).

The club was gradually establishing itself in the early days which included significant discussion and debate regarding what Jaguar models would be considered for inclusion. There was a belief that SS Jaguars and models produced up to and including that date fulfilled the criteria.  Whereas post 1948 were considered to be modern luxurious touring cars which did not fall into the category of ""enthusiast vehicles"". General consensus being that never the twain shall meet.  After considerable discussion, it was agreed that limiting the model number would result in stagnating the growth of the club. There were even thoughts that hopefully one day the club could have as many as fifty to sixty members!

By 2015, the club supports over 800 members and continues to grow, establishing itself as one of the largest car club's in Australia that provides many and varied activities to enhance the joy of Jaguar ownership.

As a club,  our members are provided with services and the opportunity to participate in a range of activities at a level that best suits your personal situation and needs. These needs can be based on social activities, competition-sporting events, special interest groups such as the specific model registers or general interaction with other devoted members, family and friends.

Yes we've certainly come a long way.