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The Jaguar Car Club of Victoria is about you. It’s about connecting people of all backgrounds with varying interests in the marque, so that you and your family can enjoy and fully realise the numerous benefits of being a member of the JCCV. The club seeks to provide, through its various activities, a happy and fulfilling environment for you to participate at a level that best suits you.
You don't even have to own a Jaguar to be a member! Just have an interest or appreciation of the marque.
You are welcome to attend any club meeting or activity, the details of which are summarised in our online calendar of events.
For anyone wishing to become a member, simply complete the on line application form which is accessible via the Membership link, at the top of the page.

Your annual subscription is your gateway to expanding upon the Jaguar experience, technical knowledge, social interaction and many other benefits that being a member of the JCCV brings. Through our website www.jagvic.org.au and our monthly magazine Cat-a-LOG you will be kept well informed of the club's activities and provided with interesting articles, technical tips, displays, sporting and social events as well as member profiles, news relating to the various register activities and a variety of upcoming events and displays.

Given that the club consists of over 800 members, the registers provide you with the opportunity to interact with a smaller group of members who live in a specific country region, have interest in a particular model of Jaguar or wish to compete at various sporting events. The country registers tie together our friends from other parts of Victoria while the model and sporting registers provide a more focussed environment for members with a particular passion. The registers have a strong social and less formal role so that members can set their own agenda for activities through the year whether it be for Sunday drives, technical sessions or a relaxed chat about something that interests you specifically. The common thread is the desire to be open, inclusive, helpful and share useful and sometimes illusive knowledge about your Jaguar whilst enjoying the experience and journey of being a member of the JCCV.

If you have a passion for Jaguar cars, enjoy meeting new friends and socialising the JCCV will help you to Fuel the Passion.